Is there such a thing as best prenatal vitamins?

The minute I found out that I was pregnant, with my unhealthy diet of eating for my pleasure rather than for the nutrition, I knew right away that I will need vitamins to supplement my regular meals.

Knowing that I can be forgetful and not disciplined with taking pills, I bought pre-natal gummies – vitafusion PreNatal vitamins as I know I will take them more regularly than pills. Besides, I always crave for sweets after a meal and I can simply replace my daily chocolate with gummies! How wonderful that I can kill two birds with one stone!

It was only after weeks of taking pre-natal gummies that I read that vitamins gummies cannot be substituted as vitamins. Why is this so?

  1. Unlike vitamins in pills form, they are not regulated by the FDA hence the amount of vitamins they claimed might not entirely be true
  2. Not all nutrients can be packed in gummies – e.g., iron, as I read cannot be packed into gummies
  3. Certain vitamins can be unstable and hence need to be protected pass the acidic environment in our stomach before they get absorbed later on

If you do struggle with pills, gummies isn’t all that bad and can be an OK substitute as long as you make sure you supplement the rest of the nutrients with food.


As a result, I switched to One-a-day pre-natal vitamins by Bayer. Out of convenience, I decided to pick the one that contained everything in a pill, including DHA.


Who knows, once I opened the bottle at home, the pill is INCREDIBLY LARGE – almost 1 inch… so huge that I did not manage to swallow it in the first try, with all the gagging I had to take it out of my mouth, leave it on a tissue paper and wait a couple of hours later before I try again.


My husband thought it was a great idea to cut it into two but it actually ended up worse cause you can taste the bitterness of compounds when you put it into your mouth…yuck!

After the struggles for past weeks, I have learnt my lesson not to go for convenience, but rather I plan to buy two separate supplements to ensure the pills are both reasonably sized for me.

I have already bought my Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA. This time round I did my research, it is reasonably priced from Amazon, it has a lot higher DHA content, and I also read all the reviews to make sure that it is a good size before I bought it. While it measured in similar length to One-a-day prenatal, it is in fact a lot easier to swallow cause it is slimmer and I have no difficulty at all.