5 ways to earn passive income through blogging as a mom

Passive income is something I hope I get great on along the way from trialing and learning. Anyone out there who have experience on this PLEASE do leave me a note and let me know what I have done wrong and where I can do better with my blog, THANK YOU!

Here are a number of ways to earn passive income:

  1. Affiliate marketing – This is a program where you recommend products and services to others and by doing so, you earn a small commission if you aid in a successful sales.
    • Done!
  2. Advertising – Allowing ads to be posted on your blog. One is through ad aggregator such as Google Adsense where you might get paid per click, alternatively you can find companies want to advertise directly on your page and this can be negotiated with them on the value of advertising.
    • Not done, not convinced yet of this model as it could clutter my blog and irritate readers?
  3. Sponsored post – Companies pay bloggers to talk about their products or services on their blog and in return they pay the bloggers for it
    • Not done
  4. Product sales – Sell training, informational
    • No plans to do so
  5. Donations – Offer free information for donations in return. Some readers might find your content useful and offer a small token in return as gratitude
    • No plans to do so



Seems like I am still faraway from where I need to be …. sigh ~~~