Do emotions affect baby during pregnancy?

I started thinking about this when I realized that I tear randomly at times during my first trimester for the least important things. During pregnancy, your hormones surge – progesterone and estrogen, causing your emotions to be more volatile than usual. As such, I am curious how much should control myself vs. letting it go…

There isn’t a super compelling research but studies did show that emotions of pregnant women do affect the baby due to imbalanced hormones in the body.

  1. Stress – when you are stressed, you release cortisol (stress hormone) and elevated of this can cause miscarriage and nervous / anxious baby
  2. Depress – when you are depressed, you have lower level of serotonin and dopamine, and these are hormones are important to fetal brain development. Prolonged period of depression may increase the risk of child to suffer from ADHD, autism, cognitive delay and even schizophrenia

In general, all pregnant ladies should try to stay positive and happy. When you are relaxed and happy, you release endorphins and encephalins that cause babies to be in a very calm and balanced state that is ideal for babies’ growth.


With this, in my next post, I plan to share some funny photos / videos with the aim to help pregnant ladies stay cheerful always.

Another trigger for this is that my friend from middle school claimed that I have a knack for sharing extremely funny stuff on FB and I thought perhaps I should share them with my readers too!