Healthy soup for pregnancy

I get craving for soupy food during my first trimester and you will probably be seeing a number of nutritious soup recipes coming along your way.

Besides, soup in Asian culture is in fact a mandatory dish in all meals in the tradition. It is not longer followed as strictly but whenever I am ill or have a big occasion to prepare for, my mum would always make special soup for me known to help boost my energy just like a cool-aid.

Here is the simple recipe:

Step 1:

Boil 2 pounds of pork shoulder with 10 cups of water at high heat. Once you see the water boil, similar to my other recipe, remove the white froth and lower the heat to medium.

white froth

Step 2:

In parallel, chop up a pack of celery and carrots into cubes.

[You probably have noticed that I am usually not very precise in the amount of ingredients partly because you don’t have to be with soup – that’s one reason why I enjoy making soup, and also I like to use up what I have in the fridge vs. leaving bits of food behind]



Step 3:

Place all chopped celery and carrots into the soup as you turn down the heat. You can also add tofu for more protein and corn to increase sweetness of the soup.


Step 4:

Cover the lid and boil for 40min in medium heat.


Step 5:

Add sprinkles of salt for flavoring. And the soup is now ready!


vege soup in bowl