Nourishing double-boiled apple soup for dessert

This is a really simple recipe and merely takes ~10min of preparation and ~1h to slow cook the soup. Rather than going for ice-cream or cake, which contains a lot of sugar, double-boiled apple soup is a good alternative when you are craving for something sweet.


You will need a slow cooker and a clay or ceremic pot small enough to be placed inside the slow cooker. Double-boil is the process of cooking the soup via a boiling water bath.  The benefit here is that the soup will retain most of the nutrients by avoiding direct heating.



Step 1:

Wash and slice two apples, removing the core and optional to peel the skin. The skin would get soft after you boil it so it isn’t that bad to keep it on, but some people prefer to have the skin peeled.


Step 2:

Place the cut apples, ~4-6 dried red dates and ~1-2 dried figs into the clay or ceremic pot. You can buy dried red date from amazon or most asian supermarkets and dried figs can be found in almost all supermarkets. There are mainly two types, the Chinese dates are smaller while the Korean ones can be almost twice the size.


clay pot


Step 3:

Place the clay pot into the slow cooker and cook for ~1h. Taste and add rock sugar or honey if you would like the soup to be sweeter.